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Merry Christmas

Wishing you and yours a very, very Merry Christmas.  

Like my day, I hope yours is filled with love, laughter and family.  

Thirty - Two Years

That's how long Dad and Mom have been mr. and mrs.

On this, their anniversary, I am reminded of how lucky I am to have them as my parents and as role models for married life.  They are a constant demonstration of what marriage should be -- two people who compliment each other, encourage each other and never miss an opportunity to express love and gratitude for one another.

I have long been impressed with how well they know one another -- from a favorite snack to the meaning behind a specific glance, they get each other, really, really get each other.  They laugh together, lean on each other and have provided a life that has been full of love and laughter for their children. That, I would say, is worth celebrating!

Your Brians and I hope today is filled with lots of love and wonderful memories of the past 32 years. May the next 32 years be even greater!  You two deserve it!

Weekends -- So Necessary

This past weekend, while relatively uneventful in the grand scheme of things, was exactly what I needed.  By the time Thursday rolled around, I was the most stressed I have been since summer (you'll recall the all-too-difficult decisions that time brought), and it seemed that it was going to get worse before it would get better.

Fast-forward a few hours and a few hundred miles, and imagine my complete and utter pleasure when the most difficult thing I had to deal with from Friday to Sunday was the fact that one of my cats decided she now likes noodles and took one from the colander while we were preparing our spaghetti dinner. I absolutely enjoyed being outside all weekend, taking in the mountain air, climbing and spending time with my fur babies and nearly three straight days with my best guy.

It truly is the simple things in life that make it worth living!

Unti Family Christmas 2013

This past weekend was one for the record books; not only were there 30+ car accidents on the interstate and -20 wind chills and weather warnings, but it was also Unti Christmas Weekend, which certainly did not disappoint when it came to moments we all won't soon forget.

After work on Friday, I drove north to retrieve my brother.  Together we made the three hour trek to from Oshkosh to Eagle River.  Five of the six Unti siblings and all but three of the grandchildren (one of whom is at college on the East Coast -- maybe we could go visit her for the next event) descended upon the condo we had reserved for the weekend, and it was constantly filled with food, family, holiday music, laughter and games (some of the drinking variety, some of the Aunt Darnece variety).

Saturday also involved the much-anticipated MU-UW game; my dad and I wait for it each year, talk up our alma maters and hope for our "good guys" to emerge victorious.  It should be noted that MU has gotten the W …

Giving Thanks

This past weekend was a weekend that, from start to finish, reminded me of how much I have to be thankful for.

Wednesday, the giving of thanks began when I got to sleep in (no school) and visit with some of my former kiddos at Decathlon practice.  After our afternoon practice, which involved a heated game of sockie, soccer in socks in the school hallways, I was off to Mom and Dad's where I got to visit for a few hours and have dinner with my parents; this was especially nice since I wouldn't be seeing them on Thanksgiving.  From there, I was off to the airport to retrieve Brian, who was home for five days in total.

Thursday morning I enjoyed a chilly run and then got to visit with the parents Runnells before heading to Grandma and Grandpa Runnells house for Thanksgiving Day.  The food and the company were great, and by the time we headed home, I happily realized I had my fill of laughter and green bean casserole that day.

On Friday, Brian and I decided to take care of some w…