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There's Always a Silver Lining

Though life is complicated, and moving is not for the faint of heart, it's a short work week and lots of family time awaits.

I'm looking forward to several quality husband-wife days this week and next.

JL and AJ Run 13.1

In truth, my running journey began a long time ago. When I was little, I really enjoyed softball and especially loved basketball.  Then, however,  I didn't get 'big' and my love for those sports was definitely impacted. In middle school, I joined the track team, and though I was never a star, I did enjoy running...until I didn't.  By the end of high school, I had burned out.  I liked running more than some silly exercise classes I saw at my college gym, so I ran to stay/get healthy, but, unlike now, I didn't crave a good run at the end of a long day or first thing on a weekend morning (I had Badger games to attend, after all).  I ran on and off until I fell into climbing, and then, I ran even less.  In the summer of 2013, while I Colorado, I  really fell back into it, and when fall and Al's Run rolled around, my cousin Jenna, who had also taken up running, decided to tackle that event, an 8K, together. A simple scroll through this blog will show that the runnin…

Joe's Valley Perfection

Brian has been talking about it for some time now, but it seemed that plans to get me to Joe's Valley, UT never quite worked out.  Last weekend finally put an end to that.  Thanks to a much needed long weekend, I was able to travel west on Thursday evening after work and met my favorite climbing partner at DIA.  We did part of the driving that night and planned to finish the drive to Utah in the morning.  Okay "we" isn't entirely fair when it comes to saying we were driving.  Let's be honest, I'm a terrible driving buddy.  Between making sad faces because of my car sick wooziness and never failing to fall asleep on a drive longer than an hour, I'm not great company in the car.  Regardless, we arrived in Joe's by lunchtime on Friday and I was all smiles.  There definitely is plenty of climbing everywhere, and Brian promised me a climbing day focused on me, so we got to work quickly.  Only a few boulders in, Brian asked what I thought.  He wasn't su…

My Little Brother Turns 3-0!

No matter how much I joke about him being "the chosen one" or how much I've claimed that I should have been an only child, I wouldn't trade being this guy's big sister for anything in the world! My little brother has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know.  He takes care of his friends as if they are family, and he protects those of us who are with unparalleled ferocity.  In short, you're lucky to have BD on your side.  
Over the past 30 years, yep 30, we've shared millions of memories and still laugh until we can't breathe when we think of some of our most ridiculous antics (pretending Dad's badger was a horse; trying to hide the dent we put in the living room wall; anything that happened on any given trip to Madison). I've enjoyed every minute of being your sis - even if I once did try to sell you - and I cannot wait to see what the next 30 bring you, my dear brother.  I know lots of siblings are close, but we learned early on how impor…