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Not Quittin' on Bucky

Let's be real; my love for all things WISCONSIN (the university, that is) in no way is something I keep secret.  I love Bucky, I love my alma mater, and now that it's football season, that means you can find me in Madison most Saturday mornings. And though the games have often been something just short of awful and have likely taken days, no years, off my life, I will remain a Badger fan until the end, and I'm not quittin' on Bucky.
We opened the season with a trip to Camp Randall that included my mom and her bestie, Elaine.  Brian played the role of driver and behavior monitor...sort of.  We had a great time and the game was the least stressful this season.

For week two, an away game, Mike and Christina, UW alums themselves,  joined us at our place.  Christina and I were a wreck and nearly pulled out our hair hoping for a different outcome.  We did have a little grill out with some tasty fixings (including some delicious muffins for dessert) and it's always fun t…

Stylin' in My New Ride!

Last Friday was an exciting day for me.  Though the new school year was rapidly approaching and my nerves were out of control in anticipation of starting a new school year in a new school with a relatively unfamiliar staff, I happily headed to the car dealership to pick up my new ride, a beautiful white Ford Fusion with all sorts of bells and whistles!  
We haven't had a new car in the Runnells family in a few years...and that car quickly became Brian's.  This car, however, is all mine and I LOVE IT!! 
A big THANK YOU goes out to my hubbers, who dealt with all the less-than-enjoyable stuff that went along with getting this car  (suffice it to say, our initial car salesman was less than professional and almost drove us to another dealership).  I think about it each time I get into the car.