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I am now into week four of being back to teaching, and, while I certainly find both sleep and a sense of sanity/stability/calm are elusive, I am glad that I decided to listen to Brian and give heading back to West a try.

A few of the hurdles:

Advocating for very basic rights: Feeding one's infant while walking through security at Denver International Airport and having one's milk inspected for explosives help build a necessary voice.Having awkward conversations with co-workers and administrators: No, I cannot chat for just a few more minutes. Trust me, it'll get uncomfortable for the both of us if I do....Coming up with reasons why students can't stay in my room, sit at my desk, come in for lunch, etc.: I have a lot of meetings and parent phone calls...Defending my parenting practices: I am fairly certain that, though I am no expert, I do know what I want - and don't want (plastic toys, TV, bilboard-y attire) for the little human I brought into the world -- having a…

This New Year Has a Whole New Meaning

I don't really believe in resolutions, and I sort of want to punch those people who are all, "New Year, new me" (sorry if you're one of them....sort of), but as I watched 2017 become 2018 - from our bed with our little human between us because she seemed to think it was cool to celebrate my impending return to work with some good ol' sleep regression -  I couldn't help but admit that 2017 was one heck of a year. 
In January, we found out that we were going to have a little human.  Gasp, we were going to be responsible for a teeny, tiny person - First thought: Are we cut out for this?  Second thought: We better get Baby his or her own travel duffel.
In the months that followed, I learned that I was pretty good at feigning control. Each day I stood in front of my class and managed not to vomit (morning sickness is a real and cruel beast and lasts and  I prepared to part way with some of my favorite foods - avocados and bubble water - as the mere t…