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Happy Birthday, Dad

To the best and most wonderful man in my whole world, happy birthday! I love you, Dad, and count it as a blessing each and every day that I have you as my dad, as my role model, as my hero.  You've taught me the value of hard work, the importance of integrity, and the honor in putting others ahead of yourself.  You do all of that each and every day, not only with your family, but in the community you selflessly serve. My whole life I've watched you care for others, and I hope that today you know how very much everyone cares for you.

With love,
Your Little Girl

180 Days

One - hundred - eighty days, the length of one school year, the number most teachers would consider little more than laughable.  You see, the school year may be shorter than the calendar year, and a teacher's contracted work days may not total that of the average private sector employee, but this number, oh is it misleading.

For about as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a teacher -- just as my brother, my first student, who received less than passing grades (yes, I graded his work), behavior demerits, and a script for what to say and do any time we played school.  Aside from a few brief moments in time when I thought otherwise -- I aspired to be veterinarian until I learned that my job would entail more than loving on happy, healthy pets; I also wanted to live at the airport (yeah, I thought that was a job); and I once wanted to work at a cash register (the kind with the plastic covered buttons like I saw at my McDonald's birthday party) -- I knew teaching was for m…

Go Pro Mountain Games

I spent the weekend in Vail, Colorado at the Go Pro Mountain Games, where one of the World Cup bouldering events was being held.  The weekend involved time with friend, dock dogs, rock climbing, and a whole bunch of time outside in the mountains.  It was pretty perfect -- other than the part where I had to fly back to Wisconsin...  
As always, Colorado delivered! 

The Northwoods

I understand it's absolutely illogical for me to think or say this, but when my brother told us he was moving to Eagle River, my first response was "that's too far."  Yes, this is coming from the person who has grand visions of moving out of the state and even out of the country, and yes, this is coming from the person who spends any time she has vacation away from home...but still.  I liked knowing my brother was near enough for a quick trip to check in.

While I still don't like the thought of having to plan for a visit with my brother, I love knowing he's somewhere that is just right for him; the hunter/fisher/outdoorsman belongs in the 'northwoods' of Wisconsin, and I got to visit my brother and his new home last weekend.  It was great to spend time with him and to see my grandparents.  If I weren't busy not being home myself, I'd make it a weekend habit to head north to see them all.  Instead, I'll cherish the time I do get to visit a…