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After France, it was time to seek out the Queen Mum! 
While we’ve technically been to London on a number of occasions (and for many, many hours on at least one layover), we had yet to leave Heathrow. I was determined to change that and suggested a trip to London, which worked well since Brian’s company has an office there and he could visit with a few people from his team. 
It was rather odd to be traveling AND able to communicate easily with everyone,  but then I had to remind myself that I once thought myself to be British (right, Jarvis family?!). In all seriousness, I was so excited to see a city I’ve long wanted to visit and so glad to have the time with my little adventure crew to do all the things.


We’ve spent time in a number of amazing places, and since we know we have plenty more to get to, we assumed we’d always pick new destinations when it came time to travel. But our 2016 trip to Chamonix was so wonderful, we couldn’t resist the chance to share one of our favorite places with our tiny human. Also, French pastries...
Our seven full days in the French Alps were spectacular. We ate our fill of baguettes, pain au chocolat, brioche Suisse, and gelato and enjoyed the leisurely pace of day-to-day life. We had no real agenda other than enjoy the sunshine and all the sights!! 
We were in town at the same time the Coupe du Monde Escalade was taking place, so we passed some of our time at the venue watching climbers and waving at all the people and all the paragliders flying overhead. We also worked on our best “Alleze le Bleu” and celebrated France’s World Cup victory with the locals.  We also found time to run and hike (it’s a lot like work carrying a tiny human and all her supplies…


"For all the places I have been
I'm no place without you."

And, oh, the places we have gone, the things we have done, the life we have built these past twelve years.  

We traveled the country (and spent many nights in tents and days without showers) - when I'm tired, dirty, and hungry, you love me just the same...but to be fair, it was likely your idea to hike just a little further or climb one more route. 
We summited mountains (and jumped off of at least one) - your sense of adventure is contagious and something I hope HQ inherits.

We explored the world (and are spending our anniversary embarking on another adventure) - your desire to go, to do, to see inspires me.

We became parents - your love for our little lady makes me love you more; you are good to her, good for her. 

I love you beyond words, BR, and I cannot think of a better person to spend my days or raise a tiny human with.  Thank you for being and for bringing into my world the best of all things!

Lac Du Flambeau

It is an immense treat that my in-laws own a lovely home on a lovely lake in Northern Wisconsin.  Nothing quite compares to the waking up to the smell of the woods and the sounds of the lake.  Last weekend, HQ got her first taste of summer vacations at Grandma and Grandpa Runnells' place, and she loved it.  

While she's well-versed in many modes of transportation, it did take her longest car ride for us to make it to Lac Du Flambeau - good practice for her upcoming longest plane ride.  Packing up all things we need for multiple days away from home was also good practice.  I only forgot one item, which called for a Target run mid-trip; I'll definitely be checking and re-checking our Europe packing list many times - no possibility of a pit stop on that excursion. 
Once we arrived, we wasted little time jumping into all things 'up north' and spent the next two full days doing more of the same: swimming, lounging, playing games, taking boat rides, and keeping an eye ou…