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A Pleasant Surprise

There has never been a doubt in my mind that my parents wanted nothing more than the best for my brother and me, that being our parents was what they considered to be the most important job they have, and in my years as a teacher, I have come to understand that this isn't a given for many people. My parents reminded me of this all last night.  Much like they always do, they did something to remind me that even though I'm all grown up, they're always thinking of me!

While I was at school running Academic Decathlon practice, I had a surprise visitor to West. The custodian came by my room and told me she saw someone at my car, and when she told me the person got out of a tan vehicle, I was especially confused and slightly concerned (neither of my parents drive that color vehicle and they're the only people with a key to my Bucky-mobile).  Before leaving the building, I instructed the kids that one or two of them would have to be my escorts; in the event something was tota…

The Simple Things In Life

The past several months have been some of the toughest I've trudged through in my 31 (eek) years. I like to have a solution for everything and I like to take care of everyone else.  I'm not so good at leaning on others. Yet, I certainly have had to as of late -- and thanks to such great people in my life, my friends, my brother, my cousins (I'm talking to you too, Runnells cousins), and my parents, I haven't even had to ask.

Reflecting on the past seven months makes me appreciate the simple things in life that much more - time with loved ones is such a gift!  As I look ahead to my coming adventures, I know I will be beside myself with excitement when I set foot in Spain, but it's about so much more than that.  It's probably cliche to say this, but I'll say it anyway.  What I'm most looking forward to is uninterrupted time with my favorite person, my husband. I'm looking forward to practicing my Spanish with him.  I'm looking forward to dancing i…


Last Sunday marked the Second Annual Zumbathon to support the American Cancer Society.  I had such a blast last year that when I got the invite this year, I jumped on the chance to do it again.  Besides, it's not every weekend a girl gets to go back to her high school gym and mess around!  And though I found I certainly haven't mastered the art of Zumba (no real surprise there), I had a great time and I am glad I was able to join so many of my family members (Lainey, Mom, Auntie Lynn, Jenna, and Grandma) in supporting my wonderful cousin, Jenna, who organized the event.

I was a hot mess when all was said and done, 90+ minutes of constant movement will do that to a person, but I was feeling confident that I would be no worse for the wear.  After the event, as we did last year, we all gathered at a local Mukwonago restaurant and enjoyed dinner and drinks -- we earned a treat after all of our hard work, and the drink of our people was the perfect treat.  I think we burned even m…