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+1 Year = 10

Every July 8th, Brian's Google calendar marks +1 Year.  That simple reminder is, in many ways, the epitome of my husband.  He never demands attention yet his presence necessitates it.  He's simultaneously understated and unforgettable, and I am truly honored to have spent the past decade as his partner.

Today, as we wake up in France and prepare for another Brian-inspired adventure, I'm all the more thankful for that chance meet-up at a graduation party in the summer of 2001.  Where and who I'd be today would surely be entirely different.   I've seen and done so much more than I ever could have imagined, and I'm happier than I ever believed possible. I truly am better for having found and fallen in love with arguably the coolest climbing guy on the internet :)

I haven't a clue what the next 10 years will bring, but I am sure many grand adventures await us, and I know they will be made all the better because I get to experience them with you, Buddy.

....all …