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Spring Break

While many prefer warm beaches for their Spring Break destinations, Brian and I opted for something a little different and a lot more "us".  We spent Spring Break in Kentucky. We were there for about five days and were able to get in a good amount of climbing, two bourbon tours, time with our friends and some much needed Vitamin D.  

It was extremely relaxing to be in Kentucky.  Our friends were gracious enough to allow us the use of their magnificent cabin, so we were very comfy at night, especially those nights when it was a bit cool and rainy.  There were quite a few Wisconsinites in Kentucky, so we had lots of people to climb with. With all the climbing we did, a rest day was in order, and we convinced our friends, J.J. and David, to join us on some bourbon tours.  It was really hard to leave.  Other than totally enjoying the stress-free days, it was the first time since my surgery last August where I was able to do a lot of climbing.

I'd like to think of this trip …

Celebrating Cliff and Maureen

In mid-February, Cliff and Maureen celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, and their girls were kind enough to host a party for them last weekend.  The party was held at the Harmony Inn in Greendale, and it was really great.  The party room was very pretty (I wish you could see the amazing overhead light fixtures in the picture) and the food was delicious!  Cliff shared the story of how he and Maureen met, a story that none of his family had heard prior to that, and Maureen was sure to visit with every last guest.  

Most people don't get a second family until after they are married.  I have had a second family for as long as I can remember and that family is the Jarvis family - Cliff, Maureen, Lynn, Elaine and eventually grew to include Jay, Samantha, Rachael, Chad and Chelsea.  
As the story goes, when my mom returned to work, the Jarvis clan, and Anita in particular, became my babysitters.  Lynn and Maureen also took on that duty when my brother arrived.  When I was…

Double Date

I am already kicking myself for not having any pictures to share, but I had a really great time this weekend, specifically during our double date with Katie and Ryan.  Katie and I are often asked if we are sisters, perhaps because our personalities are so similar.  Neither of us are afraid of a little adventure.  And Ryan, like Brian, loves rocks.  So, we decided to go rock climbing.  It was fun to take people to the gym who aren't as familiar with it all as Brian and I are.  It's neat to see them experience something new and to watch them find success.  It's also really neat to share a bit of what I enjoy with my friends.  Ryan and Katie were total troopers and they climbed really well.  They must not have hated it too much.  They said they would be up for another double date, but maybe that's because we celebrated an afternoon of climbing with an evening of Mexican food and margaritas at Jose's Blue Sombrero.  We continued to get a good workout at the restaurant …


I am not much of a flower girl.  I love nature and all, but I've never had a great need/desire to receive flowers or have them in my home as decor.  Perhaps the latter has something to do with having two cats -- cats that seem to think flowers are snacks.

Brian knows that I am not a flower person, but everyone loves a little "thinking of you" type gift, so I was really excited to find flowers in the house when I got home after a long day last Thursday.

Thanks, Buddy.  You're the best!

My Weekends As An Activist

As a teacher, one thing I really try to impart in them is that they have choices and they have a voice.  When they use their voices in a positive manner, they can be heard and they can change their lives and the lives of others.

So, taking a page from my own play book, I decided to spend some time over the past few weekends making sure my voice was heard.  After work last Friday, a friend and I headed to Madison.  I've also spent the past two Saturdays there.  I've been with my husband, my cousin-in-law and two of our really good friends.  Though none of them are teachers themselves, they all know someone or some people who will be affected by the proposed bill.

I remain optimistic (I have to), and I am glad that I took the time to visit Madison and rally with other like-minded individuals.  Being a part of something so important is a powerful feeling!