Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Celebrating Cliff and Maureen

In mid-February, Cliff and Maureen celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, and their girls were kind enough to host a party for them last weekend.  The party was held at the Harmony Inn in Greendale, and it was really great.  The party room was very pretty (I wish you could see the amazing overhead light fixtures in the picture) and the food was delicious!  Cliff shared the story of how he and Maureen met, a story that none of his family had heard prior to that, and Maureen was sure to visit with every last guest.  

Brian, me, Elaine, Dad and Mom

Most people don't get a second family until after they are married.  I have had a second family for as long as I can remember and that family is the Jarvis family - Cliff, Maureen, Lynn, Elaine and Anita....it eventually grew to include Jay, Samantha, Rachael, Chad and Chelsea.  

As the story goes, when my mom returned to work, the Jarvis clan, and Anita in particular, became my babysitters.  Lynn and Maureen also took on that duty when my brother arrived.  When I was little and people would ask me what my name was, I would reply, "Amy Jo Jarvis-Unti", so I guess I've always had two last names.  I have the Jarvis family to thank for many things - my love of tea and my English accent (I assumed, because Cliff and Maureen have English accents, that I was to have one too) and I cannot imagine who I would have become if not for all of them as much as my own parent.  

We have created many memories over the years involving frozen peas, haircuts, earrings, trips to Disney, birthday parties and the like.  But beyond the treasure of any memory is the unbelievable amount of love and support I've always felt from each and every Jarvis.  I love them all so very much and I am so blessed to know them, so spending the afternoon with them celebrating Cliff and Maureen was a perfect way to start my Spring Break.  

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