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Unexpected Monday

It is certainly true that sometimes unexpected or unplanned events can make a person's day. Monday, for example, I made what I thought would be a very brief stop at my aunt and uncle's house to drop off a book.  I wasn't sure anyone would be home, but I thought I would swing by and see.  

Instead of running in and out, I got to spend a bit of time catching with the both my Auntie Bunna and my Uncle Ed.  After he was done with his chores and between practicing his hurdling (he's definitely got a future in track!) I also was able to spend some time talking with my cousin Dylan. We got to talk about all of the comings and goings in my cousins' lives, and we talked about my upcoming travel plans, school, and everything in between. I was reminded how lucky I am to have such a wonderful family, and at a time when I am very stressed and busy, taking a moment to slow down and enjoy time with loved ones reminded me of what life really is all about.  And to add to that, I got…

Kentucky Sendoff Tour 2013

Several weeks ago, our friend Mark extended an invitation to both Brian and me; he and some of our other gym friends would be traveling to Kentucky for a week of climbing and thought it would be fun for us to come along. The climbing team at the gym would also be in Kentucky for its team trip, an event that Brian and I used be responsible for organizing when we were coaches. Brian would not be able to join in the fun, but being that it is summer, I have some time on my hands, and I was able to join Mark, Patty, John, Heather, Howard and Kathryn.

The trip started out on Saturday afternoon with a short jaunt to Indianapolis, where the kids were climbing. We grabbed dinner, chatted a bunch and drove the four hours to our hotel.  On Sunday morning we watched the kids climb in finals, and in the late afternoon we were back in the car and heading to Kentucky. We arrived to pretty significant storms, but luckily they cleared quickly, and we were able to take a look at Mark and Patty's cab…
Just over a week ago now, Brian and I headed to Kentucky for Memorial Day weekend. We left Friday after I was done with work, which meant we hit a little bit of traffic on the way down, down, but when we woke up Saturday morning, we realized it was so worth it. The weather was gorgeous, especially for this time of year, anywhere able to avoid much of the crowd that descends upon the Red River Gorge on Memorial Day weekend. We climbed both Saturday and Sunday, and spent evenings on the deck roasting marshmallows, drinking wine and bourbon, and enjoying the great company. While I certainly wasn't ready to leave, Monday's drive home was quite pleasant, which helped; there was almost no traffic to speak of, so we were home by late afternoon.

Not so long ago, I would have laughed at the idea of driving seven hours south, to Kentucky of all  places, to spend the weekend outside doing things like hiking and climbing, but quite obviously it is become a major component of my life, somet…