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Rocking the Rock Climbing World

This past weekend was another chance for Brian to show off his broadcasting skills. He traveled to Boston - without me, I might add - to cover the USA Climbing Sport and Speed Nationals event.  I'm ever-impressed with how much work he puts into this 'side gig' and how well he does every time.  The best parts of his personality, his wit and his intellect, always shine though, and, at the risk of sounding like an out-of-control stage mom, I'd argue he's a cut above the rest. 
I've attended more than a handful of climbing events where the Narc has been broadcasting.  And I've even been able to help out the LT11 team a time or two - watch out YouTube trolls, I'm monitoring your nasty commentary.  I thoroughly enjoy the world I've been introduced to thanks to my favorite climber, and I look forward to watching Brian continue to shine.

'Rock State, Acadec'

Last Thursday and Friday marked my fourth year of taking West's Academic Decathlon team to the State Competition.  Each year I am a little less concerned about driving the giant school vans and a little more sure of this whole coaching thing.

We didn't lose anyone; I didn't lose my mind; the kids all earned multiple medals; and they rocked the Super Quiz event! I'm immensely proud of this year's team - while we will not be traveling to Anchorage, Alaska for the National Competition, we did place first in Division II and second overall; that means the kiddos qualified to compete in the online National Competition.  Considering one of our veteran team members up and quit mere weeks before State and considering we have some young guns on the team, West Acadec were rockstars.

I'm one happy Mama Runnells!