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Evenings in the Runnells household typically go something like this: build block towers, stack cups and chase the kitties, eat all the avocado, splash around during bath time, read a book, and snuggle up in the rocking chair before bed.  Those precious few minutes in that rocking chair are the very best of my day, the quiet time I get to share with my daughter being the bookends of my day.

I have always loved the way newborns froggy up their legs and settle into the snuggle, and when I was pregnant, I'd often tell BR I couldn't wait for our little one "to curl up like a potato," as I was apt to say, "right here," pointing to the spot where my sweet little HQ eventually made herself right at home.

Tonight, before I laid her in her crib that dances among the shadows of the mountains her daddy lovingly painted on her nursery walls, HQ turned to me, looked deep into my eyes, and laid herself so we were chest-to-chest; she rested her head in the crook of my neck…

Livin' That Lake Life...and Lovin' It

After our June trip, I was optimistic that we would be able to sneak in one more trip to Lac du Flambeau before summer came to a close.  This past weekend was that much-hoped-for trip. 

While we were short on bubble water, there was no shortage of lake life goodness on our four-day getaway.  There was swimming and floating, boating and fishing, crossword puzzles, family game time, and tiny human tricks (HQ was especially pleased when she learned that giving kisses also doubles as a way to call her Aunt Becky's puppy over).  There were sunny days and gorgeous nights.

What more could a person ask for?!

I Love Colorado

July was an action-packed month for the Runnells trio.  We closed it out with a long anticipated trip to one of our favorite places, our western home, Boulder, and, we brought my parents along, which made me especially happy (HQ was quite pleased, too). 
We tried to fit in as many quintessentially Boulder/Colorado activities as possible, so we got right to work when we arrived Thursday. We started things off with a trip to REI (our tiny human’s new backpack is both AR and BR approved!). We trekked around Wonderland Lake, and we drove up Flagstaff on our outing to Green Mountain.  We had burgers at the Dark Horse (and HQ discovered a love of pickles).  Brian and I hung out with Tedeschi Trucks Band (and a lot of people feeling might high in the mile high state) at perhaps the best concert venue ever, Red Rocks. We perused the farmers market in Vail Village; we we even dodged raindrops and an afternoon hailstorm, and we sat in I-70 traffic for a painfully long time on our drive home. And…