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This weekend was a milestone for the tiny human AND the momma. It was HQ’s first sleepover. I managed to make it a full 24 hours without tears, and HQ, well, she managed her time like any other, with lots of smiles and giggles. 
So what did we do sans baby? All the things that are just a tiny bit trickier - or impossible - with the peanut in tow and a few things we’re sure she would be bummed about missing were it not for the fact the she was with her Nonno and Grandma JoJo, who may well pass me up as her favorite person. 
We went to the gym and the bike shop; we had tacos and guacamole (and I didn’t have to worry about spilling avocado or salsa on anyone - it’s a hazard of having a little person who likes snuggles); I had an adult beverage - actually about a quarter of one - for the first time in well over a year; we watched a movie; we slept...yes, despite my certainty that I would hop into the car and drive to my parents’ in the middle of the night to snuggle with sweet HQ, I slept a…

Costa Rica

We swore we would, so we did...times two! Not only did we start HQ's passport stamp collection (we have a whole lot of world to show her), but we finally, after more than a decade, finally took a beach vacation. And it turns out we're pretty big fans of travel with our tiny human and relaxing on a beach or next to the pool.

 Costa Rica, where we spent the week of Spring Break, was everything it promised to be: hot and humid, gorgeous, and full of friendly, baby-loving people.

 Our journey to Central America was less than direct - we flew from Midway to Baltimore before heading south to San Jose, CR - but it was an easy trip. HQ has proven to be an excellent traveler, so she was not phased by our very early departure time, our two flights (one of which was five hours), or our long car ride to our first stop, Fortuna.  She was equally excellent on our more direct return journey through Houston, which also included an early start to the day and lots of plane and car travel.


Women in My World

March was Women’s History Month, and as I read essays and listed to news segments about women who paved unique paths and who lifted others up, I thought very deeply about the women in my life. 
Some are family - and thus I am blessed to have lived along side their power and beauty my whole life - and some are women who have become my tribe. All of them have taught me a great deal and have shaped, in unique ways, the way I will raise my own little woman. She will be a force thanks to all the women who have made me who I am today.  

To the women who taught me how to be bold, brave, and relentless..
To the women who have hiked, climbed, and adventured with me...
To the women who have found and grown their own strength with me...
To the women who have shown me how to nurture, to mother, genuinely and unapologetically...
Thank you!!