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Happy Birthday, Fellow Badger Fanatic

I want to wish a very happy birthday to my cousin-in-law, Christina.  Aside from being a teacher, she and I also share a love for all things Bucky Badger and UW.  It's like we are kindred spirits (who love to enjoy the spirits :) )

She was with me to celebrate my big day, so I wanted to send a shout out to Christina on her big day!


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all our friends and family back in the States.  

Have a great holiday, eat lots of mashed potatoes and gravy for us, and we'll see you next year!  We can't wait to share our travel stories with you :)

Happy Holidays

A coworker forwarded an email she received from her dad with the link you see below.  I saw the title of the YouTube Link and thought I would take a look.  It is worth checking out, especially if you want to find yourself full of holiday happiness.

Holiday Flash Mob

Happy Holidays to each and every one of you!  God bless!!

Counting Down...

When this time rolls around next week, Brian and I will have made our way to Turkey via Chicago and Amsterdam.  I cannot believe we've hit the 'less than a week' mark....we are so, so excited.

True to my OCD form, I made a packing list, categorized it and re-categorized it about 20 times.  My list is now divided into climbing clothes, cute clothes, necessites, climbing gear, books and such, and  miscellaneous items. Sunday, Brian and I have a packing date, which should be fun.  We get to try to shove everything I plan on brining into two check-able bags, and we have to do it in my super neat, ultra-specific way.  Brian is a lucky guy, ha?!

I was surprised to find out that a few people we know have been to Turkey.  Excitingly, everyone loved it, and I know Brian and I wil enjoy our adventure, too!

It is my goal to do some blog updating and communicate with y'all while on vacay, but I certainly cannot guarantee time or internet connections will allow for that, so let me …

A Very Bucky Birthday

Last week Sunday, I turned 24 (add a few years, but don't tell!!).  I celebrated the best way I know how, with Bucky.

Friday night we traveled to Indianapolis with Brian's cousin Mike and his awesome girlfriend, Christina.  After settling into our hotel, we hit the town. We were severely outnumbered as Wisconsin fans, but we didn't' let that deter us from having fun, lots of fun.  We were out til well after 2pm and woke up after very few hours of sleep in order to make it to breakfast at the hotel.  Later that day, we were joined by our cousin Nathan.  He joined Brian and Mike in making fun of Christina's and my incessant need to dress, redress and plan appropriate Badger wear. We spent some time exploring downtown a bit; this included visiting an old-time candy store and sampling some really awful lavender candy (Thanks, Mike!)  before heading to BW3's to take in a few games and drinks and mentally prepare for the B1G 10 Championship Game.  We were supposed t…