Monday, December 10, 2012

A Very Bucky Birthday

Last week Sunday, I turned 24 (add a few years, but don't tell!!).  I celebrated the best way I know how, with Bucky.

Friday night we traveled to Indianapolis with Brian's cousin Mike and his awesome girlfriend, Christina.  After settling into our hotel, we hit the town. We were severely outnumbered as Wisconsin fans, but we didn't' let that deter us from having fun, lots of fun.  We were out til well after 2pm and woke up after very few hours of sleep in order to make it to breakfast at the hotel.  Later that day, we were joined by our cousin Nathan.  He joined Brian and Mike in making fun of Christina's and my incessant need to dress, redress and plan appropriate Badger wear. We spent some time exploring downtown a bit; this included visiting an old-time candy store and sampling some really awful lavender candy (Thanks, Mike!)  before heading to BW3's to take in a few games and drinks and mentally prepare for the B1G 10 Championship Game.  We were supposed to sit in the upper deck, but due to poor ticket sales, we were moved to the first level to help fill the stadium (thank you, mediocre season, for that one).  The game, which was nothing like I expected, was a total blowout.  By the time the second half rolled around, I wasn't stressed at all...We did a lot of cheering for the good guys, who were scoring at will, or so it seemed.

After the game, we went out to celebrate the victory and my birthday, and I think there is a part of me that is still recovering from the weekend all these days later.

setting out our WISCONSIN gear

out on the town - showing this Nebraska fan the error of his ways 
old time candy store - candy cigarettes take me back summers spent up north with my cousins 

nearly game time 


my adventure buddy and me 
Badger Buddies 

Mike, Christina, me and Brian - Alums!! 

On Sunday, after the short drive home (hey, four hours is nothing compared to the regular 7.5 hour drive we make to Kentucky), my parents, Brian's parents, sister Becky, Anita, Elaine and Maureen joined us for my birthday dinner --- and wine.

birthday dinner 

the birthday girl and her hubbers

with the parents 

It was an amazing weekend and the perfect way to move into this next decade of my life, so thanks all!

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