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FreudFest - Jason and Alli Get Married

Last weekend, after having finished a warm but fun Al's Run, I made my way to Wausau as quickly and safely as possible. The rest of the Runnells family members, including my husband, were already there getting ready to celebrate Jason (Brian's cousin) and Alli's wedding.

I arrived in town shortly before the ceremony was to begin but clearly not fit to be seen in public. Because we had known for some time that this weekend was going to be a busy one, Brian decided to drive to Wausau with his parents and attend the ceremony with them; meanwhile, I would run my race and make my way to our hotel to get situated in time to join everyone for the reception.  It was definitely a bummer to miss the ceremony, which I am told was beautiful, but I made up for missed time almost immediately.

Soon after my arrival, the whole family, including the bride and groom, were gathered in the lobby of our hotel.  We snacked, had drinks, laughed, and celebrated the newlyweds.  Then, we all hoppe…

Al's Run 2015

I have known for some time that September 19th was going to be a busy day.  Not only was that the day that I would be joining Team Zoe at Al's Run for my third year as a runner, but it was also that day Brian's cousin, Jason, would be getting married (more to come on that later).

This year's Al's Run was special for more than the typical reason.  Certainly, we would be celebrating our courageous and exceedingly strong cousin, Zoe (and her equally strong parents, Ed and Kaleena), but we would also be celebrating my Run Buddy's return to racing.  After a sidelining achilles tear last winter, Jenna has been working exceptionally hard to recover, and having dealt with surgeries and recoveries - and some running related injuries as of late - I know the amount of work that goes into getting better.  Jenna has been extremely determined, and there was no way I would miss joining her at the starting line of the race that began our journey together as running partners.


The Color Run - at Night!

After a summer of kicking a caffeine habit (mostly) and attempting to rehab an IT band issue that arose during my half marathon training and then graciously transferred to the other knee mid-spring, I was ready for a race, a for real run. And Facebook senses this. Just when I thought I wouldn't find a race that would work with my schedule, I saw a notification for The Color Run in Milwaukee. Not only that, it was a night run - glow in the dark running is always fun. 

I have wanted to do a Color Run for some time. I first toyed with the idea of doing one with Brian in Colorado, but then he realized he would be paying money 1) to run and 2) to have people cover him in color. That plan fell through. Friends and I were going to go to one in Racine, but then I was gone. I was supremely excited when this run was announced but then bummed as my run buddy was busy and would be not able to join me. A few good friends and a sister to the rescue! My sister, Becky, my workout buddy, Amanda, he…