Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Color Run - at Night!

After a summer of kicking a caffeine habit (mostly) and attempting to rehab an IT band issue that arose during my half marathon training and then graciously transferred to the other knee mid-spring, I was ready for a race, a for real run. And Facebook senses this. Just when I thought I wouldn't find a race that would work with my schedule, I saw a notification for The Color Run in Milwaukee. Not only that, it was a night run - glow in the dark running is always fun. 

I have wanted to do a Color Run for some time. I first toyed with the idea of doing one with Brian in Colorado, but then he realized he would be paying money 1) to run and 2) to have people cover him in color. That plan fell through. Friends and I were going to go to one in Racine, but then I was gone. I was supremely excited when this run was announced but then bummed as my run buddy was busy and would be not able to join me. A few good friends and a sister to the rescue! My sister, Becky, my workout buddy, Amanda, her friend Kristy, and my friend Justin all joined in the fun. 

Becky was our resident expert having done a Color Run before. She gave us suggestions on how to keep the car clean, pointed out the best spots for the end-of-race color toss, and brought baby wipes for cleaning our colorful arms and faces at the end of the night. Amanda and I even got crafty for the occasion making fancy socks to keep our legs free of color and to add much needed pizzaz to our race day attire. 

I normally like to rock TSwift and Pink while I run, but this time around, I got to substitute that for a chat with my sister, and having each other nearby meant we had someone to get help if we tripped and fell, which, for the both of us, was a real possibility. My knee still bothers me a bit (and I think I my sinus headache may actually be a caffeine withdrawal headache - still!), but it felt good to be participating in a run, and it was a good warmup for this coming weekend, when I will run in my third Al's Run in honor of my cousin Zoe. 

Yep, we made those socks
and Hey there, Rosie. 


Getting ready 

Sister Finishers 

The whole gangs - with a whole lot of color 

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