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Acadec Nationals

This past week, the Academic Decathlon team traveled to Minneapolis, MN for the USAD National Competition. Being that this is my first yeas as a coach, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect, but despite all of the little bumps along the road, and traveling with 14 kids will inevitably lead to a few of those, I had a great time.

We left mid-day on Tuesday to head to the Twin Cities. The vans that were supposed be delivered to school  for us to use were late to arrive, which led to a lot of sitting around, and a bunch of anxious kids. Once we loaded up the van, we made it to the Dells before taking a  lunch break and then to Minneapolis by about 7:30 PM. The kids were off to work with a night of studying.

On Wednesday, the coaches went to breakfast, and then returned to the hotel to pick up the kids and take them to the U of M campus for a study day.  The kids worked on math with their math assistant coach and then practice their speeches out in the commons near the architecture hall …

Spring Break

A few weeks ago, I was off of work for Spring Break, and that meant that I headed to Kentucky, my home away from home.  Being that Brian was otherwise engaged (that's a post for another day and time), I made the adventure southeast as a member of the Nimmer family.  Mark, Patty, Andrew and Melissa picked me up on their way through town, we shoved my giant pile of stuff in the car and made our way to the Misty Mountain - - nerd alert: Lord of the Rings/Hobbit reference excitement - Bed and Breakfast.  While nobody came by to make us our breakfast, it was a great place to call home for ten days.

Andrew headed out with his big bro, David, so it was Mark and the girls for the day.  We climbed a classically fun route and got on another that I don't recall ever climbing before.  Then, to celebrate our first night, we went to Miguel's for dinner.  Back at the cabin, we were met by the Fields family, John, Heather, Annaleah and Jake.  We stayed up all too late talking, lau…

Turkey - In Pictures

So, I've discussed the food and the climbing in Turkey, but I have neglected to discuss the other aspects of our trip, the sights, the sounds and the people.  Part of it is due to how busy I have been with all things grown-up.  Another part of it is due to the fact that I already miss being there so much.  I get emotional thinking about how great and life-changing this trip was.  It opened my eyes to a new culture, it meant I got to visit a new continents, it brought Brian and me closer together, and it made me want to explore the world and immerse myself in it more than I have ever wanted to before.
The trip was too perfect and the sights too amazing not to share, so let me take you on a tour of Turkey, in pictures --