Thursday, April 11, 2013

Turkey - In Pictures

So, I've discussed the food and the climbing in Turkey, but I have neglected to discuss the other aspects of our trip, the sights, the sounds and the people.  Part of it is due to how busy I have been with all things grown-up.  Another part of it is due to the fact that I already miss being there so much.  I get emotional thinking about how great and life-changing this trip was.  It opened my eyes to a new culture, it meant I got to visit a new continents, it brought Brian and me closer together, and it made me want to explore the world and immerse myself in it more than I have ever wanted to before.

The trip was too perfect and the sights too amazing not to share, so let me take you on a tour of Turkey, in pictures --

the harbor in Kaleici - old town Antalya 

Hadrianus Gate 
our first encounter with carpet salesmen happened right here, just outside of our hotel

the streets of Kaleici - old town Antalya 
the ruins at Termessos
Brian climbing on the ruins - go figure 
me exploring the ruins 
Atop Mt. Olympos - Beydaglari National Park 

the Hagia Sophia - I loved sitting on the benches here 
out exploring 
looking across Istanbul 

the Grand Bazaar - it was grand (the fancy part)
the Blue Mosque  

from our hotel in Istanbul 

(and don't be surprised if you check this post at a later date and find I've added even more photos -- every time I look at them, I fall in love with the pictures more and more)

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