Friday, July 19, 2013

Just a Little Evening Adventure

Sometimes you have those days that turn out to be so very different than you expected them to be.  Wednesday was one of those days.  We welcomed houseguest Tuesday evening, and I thought I might do a bit of climbing with them in the morning, but then I expected to return to my typical routine - take a hike/go for a run, do some work and head to the gym for some evening climbing with Brian.  Instead, we decided to solo the Second Flatiron, a six-hundred or so foot climb up one of Boulder's most notable landmarks.    

To the best of my recollection, I have not soloed anything before (read: climb without a rope or protection/gear).  The only part that unnerved me, however, was the 'jump.'  This was a point where, along the climb, you are required to leap across a divide in the rocks. I decided the benefits outweighed the cost/risk/fear, and I joined Brian, Alex and Cait, our houseguest, and Josh, another Sconnie native and AdRock climber living the dream here in CO, on the climb.  Blake, another former AdRock guy, opted for another route, and he run up the trail. 

I was definitely warm from the hike to the base of the climb, but aside from a bit of sweat on the brow, it was an absolute blast! Brian has been up the Second Flatiron before, but I was glad to make my first trek up with the group.  It was fun looking in various directions and seeing pals all around.  And the jump, it turned out, wasn't so bad.  I did worry about the impact of the landing on my infamously large cankle, but I survived no worse for the wear, and continued on blissfully.  

It was so much fun that I think Brian and I will make this a regular activity.  

making our way up

Summit shot
Alex, Cait, Blake, Josh, me and Brian

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