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Just over a week and a half ago, Wisconsin held its Sate Academic Decathlon Competition at the Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells.  The Waukesha West Team earned a trip to State when they placed second at Regionals.   Everyone was hyped up and ready for the big days to finally arrive.

Wednesday after school, Vince and I packed the kids and the goods into the giant school vans and headed west.  By the time we made the trek back east on Friday night, we were exhausted, both physically and emotionally.  I can only imagine what the kiddos were thinking and feeling.  After two days of testing and giving speeches and interviews, they were wiped out.  Likewise, they were reeling a bit from the disappointment of placing second overall.  Of course, like any team, they wanted to place first, and they certainly wanted to keep the streak alive - West has won State the past 11 years - but they still have a chance to make a name for themselves, so to speak, as they were invited to attend the Nati…

Busy, Busy

It seems that time has been flying by lately, which is good.  I am certainly ready for winter to be over and for spring to actually arrive.

Speaking of spring, this Friday is the first day of Spring Break, and I cannot wait.  This may actually be the first time in three breaks that I go into this week without a pink slip in hand (thank you Kenosha Unified School District and Governor Walker for putting a damper on break the past two years). As I did last year, I will be heading to Kentucky with the Nimmer family to enjoy time in the beautiful Red River Gorge. I would love to report warm weather will be in my future, but we shall see. Regardless, who wouldn't have fun hangin with these cool kids?!

(Kelsey, we will miss you this trip)

The Coolest Bunch of Nerds Around

As some of you may now, I agreed to be one of the Academic Decathlon coaches at my new school, Waukesha West.  I'll be honest, I was entirely unprepared for what I was getting into, and perhaps that was by design.  To put in writing (or to share verbally) all that would be required of me would surely have sent me running in the other direction, even if I felt I owed my co-coach, Vince, big time for showing me the ropes of two of the three new courses I taught this year. Aside from an initial intro to the group and the "bunch of nerds" mantra I heard over and over again, I was heading into this endeavor relatively blindly.

Over time, thanks to their quirky personalities, dedication to the team and good nature, I've come to adore my kiddos in a way that is inexplicable unless you are, in fact, a teacher or coach.  I choose to spend countless hours with each of them after school on team nights, I work with them on interviews, run copies of all sorts of study guides and …

So, It Did Snow Just a Bit

Another snow-doom day was projected earlier this week, and as I left school and saw the roads were perfectly clear, I was convinced that it hadn't snowed at all.  Then I entered Milwaukee County. Just as I was making my way into my neighborhood, my dad called, as promised, and offered to come over and help me dig out.  While I took a shovel to the front porch, Dad took care of the driveway, and did so in a way only a very organized Unti can.  It was a brief visit and it was cold, but I enjoyed my time with my dad, per usual!

Snow Day -- No Such Luck

As I, and the kiddos here at school, wait for the impending snow ... we'll see if it ever arrives ... I figured I would share a photo from last week and the good fortune of our misfortune of being stuck in Colorado.  While in Boulder, Brian and I took advantage of the sunshine and warmth and went for a short hike near the Flatirons.  It was a gorgeous day and a great time, as it always is when I'm with my adventure buddy.  I wouldn't mind being back in CO and out on a hike right now, as a matter of fact, but hey, can you blame me?!  Look at it!! 

Happy Tuesday and Happy Snow Day for my pals in Kenosha!