Saturday, December 15, 2012

Counting Down...

When this time rolls around next week, Brian and I will have made our way to Turkey via Chicago and Amsterdam.  I cannot believe we've hit the 'less than a week' mark....we are so, so excited.

True to my OCD form, I made a packing list, categorized it and re-categorized it about 20 times.  My list is now divided into climbing clothes, cute clothes, necessites, climbing gear, books and such, and  miscellaneous items. Sunday, Brian and I have a packing date, which should be fun.  We get to try to shove everything I plan on brining into two check-able bags, and we have to do it in my super neat, ultra-specific way.  Brian is a lucky guy, ha?!

I was surprised to find out that a few people we know have been to Turkey.  Excitingly, everyone loved it, and I know Brian and I wil enjoy our adventure, too!

It is my goal to do some blog updating and communicate with y'all while on vacay, but I certainly cannot guarantee time or internet connections will allow for that, so let me share a few pictures of where we will be spending 10 glorious days.

Antalya, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey 

Blue Mosque - Istanbul, Turkey 

Happy holidays, all!

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