Thursday, March 10, 2011

Double Date

I am already kicking myself for not having any pictures to share, but I had a really great time this weekend, specifically during our double date with Katie and Ryan.  Katie and I are often asked if we are sisters, perhaps because our personalities are so similar.  Neither of us are afraid of a little adventure.  And Ryan, like Brian, loves rocks.  So, we decided to go rock climbing.  It was fun to take people to the gym who aren't as familiar with it all as Brian and I are.  It's neat to see them experience something new and to watch them find success.  It's also really neat to share a bit of what I enjoy with my friends.  Ryan and Katie were total troopers and they climbed really well.  They must not have hated it too much.  They said they would be up for another double date, but maybe that's because we celebrated an afternoon of climbing with an evening of Mexican food and margaritas at Jose's Blue Sombrero.  We continued to get a good workout at the restaurant - we had to wait for a table, so we decided to get a few drinks from the bar, and margs sure get heavy when you have no table to rest them on!

I am already looking forward to our next double date!

On an unrelated note, I highly recommend that  you see "Avenue Q" if ever you have the chance.  I saw the premier school edition on Friday.  It was absolutely hilarious!

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