Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Last Sunday marked the Second Annual Zumbathon to support the American Cancer Society.  I had such a blast last year that when I got the invite this year, I jumped on the chance to do it again.  Besides, it's not every weekend a girl gets to go back to her high school gym and mess around!  And though I found I certainly haven't mastered the art of Zumba (no real surprise there), I had a great time and I am glad I was able to join so many of my family members (Lainey, Mom, Auntie Lynn, Jenna, and Grandma) in supporting my wonderful cousin, Jenna, who organized the event.

I was a hot mess when all was said and done, 90+ minutes of constant movement will do that to a person, but I was feeling confident that I would be no worse for the wear.  After the event, as we did last year, we all gathered at a local Mukwonago restaurant and enjoyed dinner and drinks -- we earned a treat after all of our hard work, and the drink of our people was the perfect treat.  I think we burned even more calories as we laughed until our stomachs ached while we waited for our meals (I'm glad stories of my fashion choices -- and choices I maintain were actually not of my choosing --  and the mom-enforced boy haircut kept us entertained).  The drive home was a good one as I had two riding buddies to chat with, but as soon as I was alone in the car, I felt the Zumba effects.  I was sleepy, and by the time 7:30 rolled around, I was downright exhausted and ready for bed.  I struggled to make it to 9pm and then I slept quite nicely.

Thanks, Jenna, for your hard work and for the invite.  As much fun as it is for us, I know it's a lot of work for you.  You're making a difference, a big one, by investing your time and energy in supporting such a significant cause...and you're keeping us active in the process.  

Everybody loves a good picture, but nobody wants to see the hot mess I was after the Zumbathon
My lovely shoes will have to do 

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