Thursday, September 6, 2012

Stylin' in My New Ride!

Last Friday was an exciting day for me.  Though the new school year was rapidly approaching and my nerves were out of control in anticipation of starting a new school year in a new school with a relatively unfamiliar staff, I happily headed to the car dealership to pick up my new ride, a beautiful white Ford Fusion with all sorts of bells and whistles!  

We haven't had a new car in the Runnells family in a few years...and that car quickly became Brian's.  This car, however, is all mine and I LOVE IT!! 

A big THANK YOU goes out to my hubbers, who dealt with all the less-than-enjoyable stuff that went along with getting this car  (suffice it to say, our initial car salesman was less than professional and almost drove us to another dealership).  I think about it each time I get into the car.

Doesn't my ALUMNI plate holder look good?! 

Want to listen to a little SIRIUS radio? 

I'm lovin' making calls via my car

Drivin' off the lot (and reppin' UW) 


  1. Wow. Congratulations, Amy! One quick fun fact: The Ford Fusion in October 2009 was one of the best-selling cars in the U.S., and a best-seller also of a domestic auto-maker. By the way, it is advisable to have a scheduled check-up and maintenance of your car. In that way, you’ll be able to check the cleanliness of your car’s exterior and interior (to prevent molds), and also, to check the condition of your car’s engine.

    Carry Bacot

  2. Your new car is certainly stylish! The SIRIUS radio will help knock the boredom out on long drives. And you even got the Bluetooth system that allows you to answer calls with just the touch of a button! Some people say it is a safety feature, so you won’t to take your eyes off the road when you answer the phone. Good choice! Your hubbers did great, doing all the not-so-pleasant things to get you the car!

    Kerstin Shed

  3. I think your husband was quite happy to help you get this vehicle. Despite what he went through, I’m sure that it will not equal to the thought that he was able to give you a piece of happiness! And it looks like you too are delighted to have this car. I cannot blame you, though. I, too, would shout for joy if I can have this lovely Ford Fusion! Just looking at the vehicle makes me want to grab the wheel, and drive it on the street!

    -Ernest Houston

  4. The Ford Fusion is in the frontline of Ford’s sedans and can be considered as the epitome of success. This car combines top performance features, superior handling, and great usage of space into a single entity. I congratulate you for picking a great car, Amy. I’m sure that doing the boring stuff to get the car was definitely worth it!

    Dewey Setlak

  5. Excited to drive it around all day, aren’t you? =D It’s great that you now have your own car. Sorry that you had to go through an unprofessional car dealer just to get that. Anyway, the next time your family needs to buy another car, look for a car dealer that offers great service and payment options. Check user feedback to find out if they are courteous to their customers.

    Ellsworth Mciltrot