Monday, September 24, 2012

Not Quittin' on Bucky

Let's be real; my love for all things WISCONSIN (the university, that is) in no way is something I keep secret.  I love Bucky, I love my alma mater, and now that it's football season, that means you can find me in Madison most Saturday mornings. And though the games have often been something just short of awful and have likely taken days, no years, off my life, I will remain a Badger fan until the end, and I'm not quittin' on Bucky.

We opened the season with a trip to Camp Randall that included my mom and her bestie, Elaine.  Brian played the role of driver and behavior monitor...sort of.  We had a great time and the game was the least stressful this season.
THE University of Wisconsin


Brian and the ladies - wait, he was supposed to keep us on our best behavior 

Mom + Elaine + me = lots of fun


For week two, an away game, Mike and Christina, UW alums themselves,  joined us at our place.  Christina and I were a wreck and nearly pulled out our hair hoping for a different outcome.  We did have a little grill out with some tasty fixings (including some delicious muffins for dessert) and it's always fun to hang out with Mike and Christina, so that made the defeat less painful, a little bit. 

The UW alums reunited for week three and made our way to the Capital Square to have lunch at the Great Dane with Annie, and afterward, we got to check out her new place.  Then, it was off to one of Mike's friend's.  I got a call from my cousin Erik and I was able to meet up with him and his group (how I forget to snap a photo with him, I'm not sure!!).  The game, much to my disappointment, was entirely stressful, and it was noted more than once that we really are going to need during-game drinks if we are to survive this season. We walked away with a sad excuse for a win, but I am remaining hopeful that my Badgers will turn things around - after all, I really had planned to ring in the next decade of my life at the Big Ten Championship, Bucky, work on that!

Badger Girls! 

the men

COUSINS - so cute!

We love Annie as much as we love Bucky (okay, so even more than Bucky, but don't tell him) 
Doesn't Camp Randall look glorious under the lights?!

We were back in Madison this past weekend, and this time my mom and my Auntie Lynn joined Brian and me.  We also met up with Brian's Auntie Mary Jo, his mom, his dad and one of their good family friends, Mary.  The team looked something like they did last year, at least a bit, and the first half of the game was enjoyable and not nearly as stressful as games have typically been this season, and for that I was happy.  The game certainly did intensify near the end, but the good company, the tasty drinks and my faith in the Badgers got me through.  

Next week, I'll be pulling double-duty during the game.  Along with supporting Bucky, I will be attending my cousin Chelsea's benefit.  Everyone is welcome as we would love to help Chelsea and Kyle as much as possible. 

Pre-Game Fun
Mom, Auntie Lynn and me - three ladies who know how to have fun :) 

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  1. Love the picture of you, your mom, and Elaine! Glad to see you all doing well! :)