Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Unti Family Christmas 2013

This past weekend was one for the record books; not only were there 30+ car accidents on the interstate and -20 wind chills and weather warnings, but it was also Unti Christmas Weekend, which certainly did not disappoint when it came to moments we all won't soon forget.

After work on Friday, I drove north to retrieve my brother.  Together we made the three hour trek to from Oshkosh to Eagle River.  Five of the six Unti siblings and all but three of the grandchildren (one of whom is at college on the East Coast -- maybe we could go visit her for the next event) descended upon the condo we had reserved for the weekend, and it was constantly filled with food, family, holiday music, laughter and games (some of the drinking variety, some of the Aunt Darnece variety).

not the best picture, but a great view from our living room 

Saturday also involved the much-anticipated MU-UW game; my dad and I wait for it each year, talk up our alma maters and hope for our "good guys" to emerge victorious.  It should be noted that MU has gotten the W the past few years, four years to be exact, and I was ready for my team to exact its revenge.  After a few pictures of the family in our team gear, it was time for tipoff.  I especially enjoyed the game as my team played well and left the Kohl Center the winners! Tis the holiday season, so I kept my gloating to a minimum and the holiday festivities continued thereafter.  Uncle Tom played Santa after dinner, and we all got our gifts after answering sports questions he had written for us.
MU vs UW - a family divided :) 

And then the typical photo shoot and string of games and activities began....here are a few of the Unti family members enjoying the 'photo booth'  - we have been told that these pictures and the others we posed for (including one where I had to assist my cousins in using their bodies to spell out I love you) will be used for our holiday gift.  I can't imagine what that will look like -- good thing we're photogenic. 

Sunday was clean-up day, and unbeknownst to us at the time, that also meant pushing the cars up the driveway day.  To cap off the weekend, a few of us stuck around Eagle River to have lunch together before heading home.  I also got to make a quick stop at Grandma and Grandpa's for a final visit.

I never have liked leaving -- people or places -- and saying goodbye to almost all of my Unti family at once was a bummer, but alas, responsibility called, and I had a snowy driveway and a house to clean waiting for my return.  The drive home was rather uneventful, and I got to drive with Mom, so there was plenty of talking (other than when I took a obligatory 'I'm in the car and not driving, so I inevitably will fall asleep' nap) until we reached Waukesha County.  We stopped for dinner at Panera and after soup and salad, it was time to hit the road again.  The rest of my driving time was awfully touch - and - go; the stretch from Mukwonago to Oak Creek was the worst part of all.   I was thankful when I made it home, thankful to be there safely and thankful for having had time with my family all weekend.

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