Sunday, July 16, 2017

Cabin Life

The past several summers have involved heading to the Front Range or crossing the Atlantic for international exploration, which meant that trips to the cabin were quickly becoming distant memories. This summer, we were able to return to the Northwoods and our time in Lac du Flambeau did not disappoint -- if you overlook the swarms of mosquitoes, which I'm sure totaled in the low to mid billions! 

We spent time reading, swimming, fishing, visiting family, playing Farkle (and winning, I'll add), and eating more treats than any respectable person would admit to consuming. 

 Brian headed to San Francisco after a handful of days lakeside; I stayed behind in the land of the loons (thankfully without the threat of an attack - been there, and loon assaults are terrifying AND real). Mom and Dad R., Becky, and I continued to take full advantage of the sunshine, which was abundant save for the daily rain showers - you know, to water-log the lawn and preserve the mosquitoes' precious habitat. We spent plenty of time on the party boat and caught plenty of goldfish-cracker sized fish (and some real ones, too). 

We also made a short trip to Michigan to explore Bond Falls.  Much like the Corner Store holds many great Runnells memories, Cathy's Ice Cream holds many Unti memories, and on our way back from the waterfalls, I got to share a little place of my past with everyone - and eat the biggest single scoop of ice cream I've ever seen!  And Becky and I got to play Minocqua tourists with our cousins, Kari Jo and Annie. 

During our stint in the Northwoods, we passed one rainy afternoon with a little Tour de Frace viewing, and images of the French countryside did result in me planning next summer's return trip to the Alps and Chamonix, but I must say that eight days of cabin living were eight days well spent!