Saturday, July 8, 2017

+1 Year

Together, we took another lap around the sun, and this year, we did good work.  

Belgian beers, fry cones and the endless canals of Amsterdam; gale-force winds, black sand beaches, and the biggest and bluest Icelandic icebergs imaginable; pain au chocolat, hundreds of miles of hiking, and waking up in the shadows of (or on top of ) Mont Blanc: we settled for nothing less than living life to the fullest this past year, and our biggest and best adventures are still on the horizon.  Our life together is awesome 100 times over. 

I know I am a better, stronger person for having found the life partner I did. He may have a penchant for waking up before the sun, you know, to beat the tourists, and he may prefer hiking trails and mountain peaks to poolside drinks or beaches, but can you blame the guy?! There's nothing I'd rather do than chase him up a trail (though I have to put on a sour face, at least at the 2am wakeup call, for good measure) and fight for the last of the Twizzlers at the summit before coming home and putting my tired feet up next to his.  

I am insanely grateful for this little life we have crated together, and I am beyond excited to see where our future takes us.  Here, BR, is to one more year of making memories, taking on new adventures, and finally settling on an acceptable bubble water and avocado budget. 

You're the best of all things in life, BR!

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