Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Summer Sundays

Ah, sweet, sweet summertime!

After a whole lot of adulting on Saturday - furniture shopping and assembly - we woke up Sunday morning with the intention of enjoying the cooler temperatures and the ample sunshine; it was the perfect conditions for a Devil's Lake outing.

There's a rule in our house that a day at The Lake doesn't count unless it includes a ride on the ferry, so take the ferry we did.  For being such a gorgeous morning, I was surprised at the relative emptiness of the parking lots and trails - and much like the unexpected conditions of the trails, the shifting weather was entirely unexpected.  It became cloudy and breezy, but better cool than sweltering - I had enough of that the previous week when I had to brave both the heat and intense humidity that left my hair looking something like a true natural disaster.

After a few miles of hiking, via the West Bluff, we made our way home and to our dinner date with our cousins Mike, Christina, and little Tommy.  It's really great to have family who are just as much friends, who you can hang out with, laugh with, and reminisce about the glory days of being a young Badger with (and who are happy to relive those glory days..if not nearly as effectively now as then; hey, we all agree that we need our sleep now more than ever).

Our time outdoors at The Lake and with family has me especially excited for the coming weeks and more of the same, this time in Lac du Flambeau. Bring on the party boat!!

"How will that man get back over here?" a little boy asked...very carefully

Looking across the lake to a 'classic' climb, Pine Tree Step Across

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