Monday, May 15, 2017

The Weekend of Mom(s)

This past weekend we got to celebrate all the moms, among them one of my favorite people, my own mom, and not just because it was Mother's Day.

On Saturday, we pulled off quite the fabulous surprise, which we had been planning for several months. To celebrate Mom's birthday, Elaine tricked her into heading to the Delafield Brewhaus, where friends and family waited - some of us quite anxiously - to spend some time celebrating the person who doesn't take nearly enough time to do that, celebrate how wonderful she is! I had become nearly...almost...maybe... certain that our cover was blow and the gig was up, but it was clear Mom had no idea!  Call me sentimental or sappy, but the big squeeze she shared with my brother, Dad, and me was the best part of the night. 

As a family, we've seen our way through all sorts of things, good and bad, beautiful and painful. Along the way, Mom and Dad have instilled in us the belief that we are each other's biggest allies, strongest supporters, best friends, and true to that, I am certain there isn't a thing in the world my brother and I would not do for one another - job well done, parents. The night was full of stories, laughter, hugs, and baby snuggles (thanks to Winston and Piper!!). And to be sure this was a right, proper affair, a few family members, who shall remain unnamed, kept a family tradition alive with a round of 'family shots', toasting to the very best of all things in our lives, each other. Traditions, people, you have to honor them....

I have to especially thank Elaine for her help - that term is so inadequate - with everything for the party, which was flawless. The party would not have been what it was had it not been for you and all you did! What a fabulous friendship you and Mom have. And how lucky I am to count you - and all the Jarvis ladies - among the wonderful, inspirational, immensely important women in my world (but we can't leave the Jarvis/Bullis men out, either.  They're a cut above!) Thank you so much to everyone who came by - for a little bit or a long while - to celebrate with us.  Mom deserved nothing less, and we are all blessed to have each of you in our lives.


calling her innocent children and her husband "Liars" - we didn't lie so much as omit the truth

The weekend of Moms continued Sunday with what has become an annual trek to the zoo - this year we did not have to wait for hours to get to it the parking lot, so it was already a success. The day was made better by the fact that we also got to share it with Grandma Navarrete. I come from a line of strong women - I tell you, Mexican and Italian women should run the world! - and my Grandma N. has done more to demonstrate strength, integrity, and heart than any other person I know! 

She did good work - 
the moms and all the kid
Happy Mother's Day!

Post-zoo excursion, we headed back to MukTown for a visit with another mom in my world, my mom-in-law. I love that we can chat about so many things, including Scandal and school-related shenanigans, and I must say she's done quite a fine job in the mom department considering my sis-in-law is great company, a friend as much as a sister, and my husband is pretty much the best guy around (when he isn't making me listen to 20-minute long guitar solos or finishing the last of our 'shared' bubble water). It was great to spend some time with Mom R. on this special weekend, too. 

This weekend was fantastic, and it made me all the more excited for all the family time we have planned in the coming weeks and months. Life truly is made better by the people we surround ourselves with....and my people are amazing. 

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