Spring Break, Part III: Germany

Our final Spring Break destination was Germany. We made our way there via Luxembourg, which was absolutely lovely - and definitely worth (a longer) return visit. Our drive to Cochem, Germany was reminiscent of the many, many trips we've made through the rolling Kentucky countryside - except we never found bourbon distilleries or massive climbing areas. In Luxembourg, we took in the sights high above town and also visited the Luxembourg American Cemetery and the German WWII Cemetery - like Normandy, both cemeteries were powerful sights.  It is impossible to immersed in history and avoid thinking about the vast sacrifices made in order to preserve the lives we get to lead as American citizens. I am very glad we made the stop and took some time to pay our respects.  

high above town
Luxembourg American Cemetery

German Cemetery

Cochem is an adorable little town, complete with tiny cobblestone streets, an ancient castle, and a gelato shop (also many Italian restaurants, which turned out to be a 'thing' in Amsterdam and Belgium, too). The town itself isn't packed with tons to see or do, but neighboring villages all have their draws, which happen to be castles of various ages and sizes.  We hiked to and walked about Berg (Castle) Eltz one day - after we found the road to the parking lot - and one of us enjoyed a bratwurst - yuck! 😝 In Cochem, we walked along the river, ate chocolate and biscottinos, and enjoyed one of the best meals of our entire trip. We also made a day trip to Frankfurt (where I shattered my phone screen when it met with the cobblestone square). Despite the overcast skies and the difficulty of navigating a town when the street signs are indecipherable, we had a great time in Germany - relaxing (we never do that on 'vacation'), sightseeing, and enjoying beer and pretzels.  

Berg Eltz

the castle high above Cochem
Cochem's quiet cobblestone streets

our Easter basket, which the German Easter Bunny left outside our hotel door
the castle on a sunny evening - a great parting sight
We have never planned a trip and thought, "Boy that will be too much time in place/country X," but by the end of our Spring Break trip, like others, home sounded very nice. We had an amazing trip and definitely cannot wait to plan another travel adventure, but life is made by the people with whom you share it, and it was nice to get home to friends and family, especially considering we had a string of adventures and get-togethers planned stateside. 


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