Monday, May 8, 2017

Keeping Busy

Since returning from our awesomely enjoyable trip to Europe, Brian and I have been keeping plenty busy stateside.  Our May, which seemed quiet and quite open filled up quickly, and now, I'm looking to June when I get to fill up all the days, not just the precious few that are work-free (yay, summer!).

We started our time back home with a trip away from home and made our way to Vegas, where we got to spend some time with my not-so-secret crush, John Mayer.  By "spend time" I really mean that I got to stare dreamily at JM and Brian got to quietly admired his guitar playing skills while attempting to drown out my incessant commentary ("Isn't he so handsome?" and "He's so talented." and "You know that I'd leave for your JM, right?" and.....). It was a great show and I'm pretty certain it inspired Brian to finally deliver on his promise to learn to play his own guitar just like John Mayer plays his.

We used the following weekend to celebrate Mom's birthday.  She and Dad had just returned from a trip of their own, so while we enjoyed burgers and fries, we shared travel stories and I continued my now long-unsuccessful attempts at convincing our parents to head overseas with us....I will succeed one day, I will!

This past weekend, we were invited to the ever-entertaining Casa del Nimmer, so after Runnells family dinner, we made our way over the the Nimmers' home, one of the best places to hang out!  It was a bit like time traveling since we were able to see the Nimmer family, who we haven't seen nearly enough of as of late, and who we used to spend a lot of time with, especially when we claimed one of their kids as our own while we were coaching the climbing team.  We practically claimed their home as our own, too, between regularly heading over there after climbing, stopping by for dinner, or spending Sundays there watching the Packers and drinking chai.  On Friday, we spend time by the fire, shared cat stories  - cats are weird creatures and highly entertaining - and gym stories, and stayed up way past our bedtime.  It was great!

We spent Saturday evening with our friends, the Cliffords.  Danny, Jenna, Brian, and I go way back and have spent plenty of time on plenty of climbing trips together.  It was great to catch up and spend time with their adorable little guy, Nico.  It was especially fun to talk about all our old gym antics.  Jenna and I had quite the gym routine - gosh, our husbands must have been in awe of our focus. I can't wait to get together again - maybe we'll even attempt a gym date.

Sunday, to complete the weekend that revolved around climbing but not actually physically climbing, we headed to Devil's Lake.  After the prerequisite fairy ride, we headed for the CCC trail.  The weather was amazingly perfect and we quickly made our way up the bluffs and around the lake.  It gave us lots of time to plan for the rest of our spring and for summer and to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.  It also made me really excited for the end of the year and more stress-free time (I'm sure Brian will be pleased, too, when he can trade in Teacher Amy for Fun/Summer Amy).

this view never gets old

It has been a great stretch of weekends for BR and AR, and I am looking forward to next weekend and more time with friends and family! It pays to have good people in your world!

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