Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Weekend in the West

While he did leave me behind the last time he headed out for a broadcast, I got an invite this time, which meant I got to spend my long weekend (hooray for a random Friday off!) in Colorado with my favorite broadcaster.

Brian and I headed to Colorado (hooray for a great location for Sport Climbing Nationals) Thursday evening, and spent the entirety of the weekend enjoying the fresh mountain air - when we weren't inside the notably less fresh climbing gym. The two day event was held in Denver, which made our weekend away feel a bit like a homecoming as we were staying with friends in Boulder.  It never ceases to amaze me just how good it feels to be in the shadows of the Flatirons, if only for a few days.

Brian's broadcasting duties didn't begin until mid-day Friday, so we took advantage of the sunshine and went for a morning hike after breakfast at our favorite North Boulder joint, Lucky's.  It was a long day in Denver once the event got started, and Saturday was pretty packed with competition work, though being close to 'home' meant we were able to run back to Boulder during the mid-day break.  I was extremely impressed with the work Brian and Chris did during the three-part event.  They have a lot of air time to fill, and the both of them do a great job talking shop.  I was put to work moderating the chat room, which was lot of fun; it certainly made for a different way of taking in the event...and there was hardly any sass to deal with, which was nice....I was on vacation from work (read: dealing with sass) after all!

Sunday arrived before we knew it - and we lost an hour thanks to 'Spring Ahead' (blah), but Brian and I were able to take advantage of a nearly full day in town.  We drove up Flagstaff Mountain, found our friend Peter, and braved the blustery winds on our way to the summit of Green Mountain.  We scoped out some hiking trails for our next visit, and we took a drive in the mountains before grabbing lunch and Chris and Heather, our weekends hosts, who were on their way to South Africa.

doing broadcast work

Sunday Funday

atop Green Mountain, one of our favorite hikes

In all, it was a great weekend.  The Front Range will forever be one of my favorite places, and every time we visit, talks of a more permanent trip -- again -- surface.  One day...until then, we'll enjoy our trips west, however short they may be.

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