Monday, February 27, 2017


It is said that there is one true definition of happiness in life, to love and be loved. If this adage is true, Grandpa Runnells has a lot to be happy for, and that makes all of us who love him immensely happy, too. 

This weekend some 70+ people gathered to wish a truly wonderful man the very best and a very happy 90th birthday. So many stories and happy memories were shared; nothing but smiles and laughter filled the room. And you know it's a successful party when there's plans, almost immediately, for an after party, and for the Runnells crew, that means pizza and beer (it was like round two of the annual New Year's Pizza Party). 

It's a privilege to know a Runnells - and an even greater privilege to become a Runnells - and spending the day with Grandpa and the extended family reminded me of that. It was clear that Grandpa Runnells has had a profound impact on many people, and that served as an excellent reminder to all of us that we are blessed to be loved by and learn from such an impressively wonderful man! 

You see, to be a Runnells is to find the good in life and in a moment. To be a Runnells is to laugh, really laugh, with the ones you love and to walk though this world in the most positive way. And I am quite positive that 90 has never looked so good :) 

As cake and ice cream were served and "Happy Birthday" sung, Grandpa told us all he looks forward to gathering together once again to celebrate 91. I look forward to every time we get together, but a 91st birthday party does sound petty nice!

talk about handsome! 


talk about a talented man - many of his woodworking projects that have special places in all our homes

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