Sunday, January 29, 2017

Concerts and Climbing

The past few weekends have combined some of our favorite things - you know, other than traveling, Colorado, hiking, and fro yo...those are my most favorite things.

We headed to Chicago two weeks ago catch our second Tedeschi Trucks Band concert in as many months.  I feel it is safe to admit now that I was not too optimistic as we headed into our first show in November.  Many a 'fights' have ensued on long car rides when I turn to the next song on the playlist just as the "best part of the whole song", the guitar solo, heads into its seventh minute.  This always prompts Brian to remind me that "this is actual good music, and nobody will be listening to the garbage on the radio forty years from now," but, really, who isn't going to lose her mind when she's into round two of "The Wall" and only half way to her destination?  Really!

I was totally sold, however, when it came to Tedeschi Trucks Band - once I got over the near wall-to-wall crowd of jean jacket vests (Brian tells me its the Allman Bros. fans checking out Derek Trucks). Tedeschi Trucks Band is beyond awesome, and staying at hotel 100 yards from the Chicago Theatre, where they were performing, was just as great.  We left our hotel 10 minutes before the show began, walked back to our room during intermission - how's that for skipping the heinous bathroom lines?! - and were home within minutes of the encore performance.  The show was great, and the weather Saturday was perfect for strolling around the city and celebrating the power of activism prior to enjoying truly awesome music.

Tedeschi + Trucks = Amazing!! 

Saturday was the 18th Annual Quick on the Draw competition at Adventure Rock.  This event always feels a bit like a family reunion, a chance to see my gym friends and family, some of whom I rarely get to see these days (you know, because they're away at school becoming adults and aren't the little guys I used to coach all those years ago....gosh, I'm getting old!).  I cannot say exactly how many of these comps I have attended since being introduced to the climbing world, but I do know that each year is an absolute blast.  This year, like all others before, I left the gym some 12 hours after arriving, tired, covered in chalk, and really, really glad I have such a great tribe.  I truly haven't a clue who I would be were it not for the climbers I've come to know and the places this sport has taken me.

when he was itty-bitty, I used to coach this guy -- now he's back in college after a semester in Thailand (proud!!)

Next weekend, Brian heads out for a commentating gig with our pals at LT11.  I think all my talking at him over the years has paid off as he's quite good at the live broadcast game.  I look forward to checking out his work and catching up with a few people I haven't seen in quite a while.  It's good to have good people in your life! 

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