Monday, December 5, 2016

My Birthday Weekend

Birthdays - the idea of getting older - never phased me much.  In fact, I thought of them as little more than a really good excuse to make time to get together with friends and family....and to eat ice cream cake.  This year, though, I struggled mightily as December approached.  For the first time, I really felt like I was getting old, and not older but truly old.  I'd never cared much about the comments - as often as I heard them - that we were taking a different path in life, that we were married X years/were X age and didn't have maybe, as so many people around me are having or have discussed being done having babies, my age had finally hit me.  Or maybe I really am just.that.old. now.....

Regardless, the past three days, my birthday weekend, have been wonderful, and today I can safely say I don't really feel all that old at all!

Friday, with Brian's support (and not so subtle reminders that I put in my fair share of time and then some), I took my one allotted personal day of the year.  I slept in, enjoyed coffee and bagels, went for a run, got a manicure and pedicure -- mostly for the massage factor --, did a whole bunch of reading, and ate my fare share of guacamole for dinner. It was a smattering of my favorite things (but for the missing Forensic Files or Criminal Minds marathon).

On Saturday, after my typical morning workout at my local gym - where some of the greatest and funniest strong ladies (and a few guys, too) lift weights - Brian and I prepared for the B1G event we were hosting, the Big 10 Championship game.  Some of the Runnells cousins came by, which was a blast, and thought the game did not end well and I had a stress-related stomach ache by the time it was all said and done, I certainly enjoyed having fellow Badger fans around to help me swallow the bitter pill of defeat.  The Kopp's custard helped, too.

The Sunday morning snowflakes made for a gorgeous end to the weekend.  It was the perfect kind of winter weather; we took advantage of the scenery and the not-yet-too-cold weather and headed out for a hike, which, after a drive west (where the snow was much more of a rain), turned into a local jaunt around our neighborhood.  The falling snow aided in our ever-evolving travel planning, and by mid-afternoon, we made some solid plans (as much so as is possible with the variable of time looming overhead -- if not for now, we at least have plans brewing for spring).  Happy birthday weekend to me!

The weekend was capped off with a birthday weekend tradition, dinner with Mom and Dad.  And no matter how old I get (or how old I feel), time with my parents is time well spent.  My life feels whole and full when family is near.  I think of all we've done together, all the memories we have made, and it is a reminder of how I got to where I am today, how I became who I am, and that is the most wonderful gift of all.

Thank you to everyone who took a moment to send birthday love my way.  Your calls, texts, and messages made me smile and surely made me feel extra special on my special day.

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