Monday, November 28, 2016

Mimosas, Family, and Football

I love Madison, the Badgers, and family, so as Saturday approached, the stage was set for a really great day.  It was our annual girls trip to Camp Randall.  And, thanks to a strong season and championship standings, the game was moved to 2:30pm.  That gave us time to really settle in for some MadTown shenanigans.  Talk about adding to the fun of a long holiday weekend.

When we rolled into Madison just before noon, things got a little tense for about five seconds -  our parking area was full and we weren't sure where the big truck would fit (but were very sure that a typical front yard spot would not suffice).  As luck would have it, we simply made a right hand turn and found an open spot directly next to our target location.  With that kind of good fortune, we knew the stage was set for a fantastic day. We settled into our private tailgate zone, busted out the beverages (including my husband's bourbon) and got to it.  While I cannot - and will not - recount some of the topics of conversation that afternoon, smiles and laughter were constants; we were so much fun that a passerby stopped at our tailgate to hang out -- you're welcome for being fun, Stranger Adam. 

While the game was a little too tense for my liking in the first half - and I may have started to develop an ulcer as I shielded my eyes with my Bucky mittens - the company was great, and spirits remained high, even if they were spirits in liquid form.  We had one Gopher fan nearby, but clearly our crew was an intimidating one as he was mostly on his best behavior.  So, too, were we...for Badger fans at Camp Randall.  

We stayed warm as the sun set with plenty of second-half cheering and even some 5th Quarter dancing.  Then it was back to our prime parking spot for snacks before heading home. Laughs and good times continued, and by the time I got home Saturday night, my stomach ached.  What a fantastic group of women I got to spend the day with! 

Once again, the Badger outing was a blast.  Our goal for next year - aside from having just as much fun as the past few rounds of Badger outings - is to finally acquire isle seats...and maybe, one day, we will even make it onto the field :) 

pretty proud of my park job....and our prime parking spot!


mother-daughter mimosa prepping

the crew 
Keeping it classy with the champs!
Bucky X3
Mom and me 

because we kept the axe - Year 13

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