Monday, October 3, 2016


I feel busy lately, and I'm not even sure why that is.  Short of starting the school year (as Brian would say, "Goodbye, Fun Amy and hello Teacher Amy.").  We are settled into our new place, just down the street from our former home, and I, for one, am ready to enjoy fall and find myself feeling less stressed and more relaxed.

Thanks to Nicole, who I miss at West each and every day, I had reason to celebrate and have fun last weekend -- it was her wedding! Nicole was a beautiful bride, and Brandon, her husband, was as sweet as grooms come.  They were married at Country Springs, so it also felt like a bit of a throwback to the Unti-Runnells wedding.

Life can be inherently chaotic, and stress, I have learned is intrinsic to being an educator, but taking time to look at the good in life, the happiness, the love that exists, now that's what really matters! And celebrating with friends and co-workers is really good, too!

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