Monday, September 5, 2016

Color Run Fun

While I'm certainly not fully recovered - chronic injuries are persistently frustrating, especially when you are a person who finds it nearly impossible to rest - I would like to think that I'm headed in the right direction, and this past weekend's Color Run at Night gave me a chance to stretch my legs a bit.  
Races are never the same without my run buddy, so when I saw the Color Run was returning to Miller Park, I had to ask her join me, especially since we weren't able to coordinate our schedules last year.  And lucky for me, I have a sister-in-law who also loves to run, so Jenna, Becky, and I formed a running trio.  

we're ready
I've done a lot of running the past few years, and with that came a lot of races; I always find myself feeling nervous beforehand.  This time, with my only goal being to run until I felt I couldn't (or shouldn't), I was more excited than nervous...and for being a bit of a clumsy person, I managed a run in the dark quite well.  I made it a full two miles without any pain -- WOW! -- and only felt a little tenderness during the final mile of the 5K.  After crossing the finish line, and surely into the next day, I knew I'd done more than my knee was capable of tolerating, but in the moment, it felt great to block out all my thoughts, turn up my running tunes, and simply run!  It was equally great to share in the finish line party with two wonderful runners, both of whom I get to call family.


I am beyond grateful that Jenna and I have found a common passion, that we've taken on so many running challenges (including recoveries from injuries) together.  I know we've got a lot of running ahead of us, and I haven't a clue how Jenna will manage to display all the bibs and race day photos when all is said and done, but I love that we can share in this obsession and that we'll have so many wonderful memories together!

AJ and JL - Run Buddies!
 Thanks, Becky and JL, for a great time this weekend! Also, thanks for not throwing your color packets directly at me :)

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