Monday, April 11, 2016

Brew Crew with the Bank Crew

Brian and I made it to our first Brewers game in about two seasons this past weekend.  The invitation came from my mom, whose work was holding its annual gathering at Miller Park. There was no tailgating for us this game - it was practically snowing after all, and there were drinks and plenty of food waiting on the Dew Deck inside - but  the cold temps and blustery wind were no deterrent to our fun.  Our bank/family outing was a great one!

Notice the family resemblance? 

How about now? 
Our Wisconsin sports team allegiance does not run as strong as some people we know (unless you're talking about the Badgers; then, let it be known that I am entirely obsessed with all things my alma mater), but both Brian and I do enjoy a good round of sports, so we had been looking forward to a good reason to check out the Brew Crew.  Plus we got to spend time with my parents and my mom's good friend Deb, who is part of my extended family; we got to chat about rock climbing thanks to the AdRock portable wall on the Dew Deck; and we were able to spend some time with Shannon when she came to the wall for a promotional event.

Oh, and the Brewers won...I'd call that a really good way to close out a weekend.

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