Sunday, April 3, 2016

Brew City 10K

 This Saturday was my first race since graduating my second round of PT, and while I am feeling better than before - though not totally recovered - a nagging injury and less than spring-like weather made me carefully consider my approach to this race.  It was my first 10k on home turf and my first 10k with Jenna, and I like to have goals and high expectations (hey, who doesn't love to set new PRs?), but Coach Brian reminded me that pushing too hard would mean re-injury, and that would be just about as pleasant as the weather was for the run.  

Jenna and I always start our runs together (well, other than the half when we rule followers thought we couldn't), but we typically settle into our own paces/racing styles and greet each other again at the finish line.  This time, it seemed wise to have someone nearby, both to motivate and to call on in the event of a face plant into the pavement, which was, for the duration of the run, a real possibility.  It was slushy and slick; there was a constant stream of snow to one's face; it was cold.  For the first time in the history of our run buddy career, Jenna and I ran a whole race together.  It was lots of fun to have my cousin with me the whole time, and neither of us had to worry about shaking snow onto strangers as we were side-by-side.  Jenna's longtime friend, Katie, also joined us, and we were a pretty good running trio.  I hope, however, the next time we ladies get to run together, it won't be in the snow!

Traditional pre-race photo with my run buddy

Snowballs on my running shoes
not your average spring run


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