Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Ski the Beav Weekend 2016

This past weekend marked our second Ski the Beav Weekend excursion with friends.  It was a fantastic few days in the mountains - we had great weather and excellent company.  What more could a person ask for? Ah yes, to never have to return to dreary weather or work....

After an entertaining, albeit tenuous, drive from Denver to Beaver Creek - thank you gusting wind and tumbleweeds, freezing rain and snow -  Scott, Steph, and I met up with Brian, who I hadn't seen in over a week.  One of the perks of working from home is that BR can make 'home' just about anywhere he wants, and I know where home is for this man -- not Wisconsin!

Our time in fabulous Colorado was limited, but we made the most of each day. That first evening, after a grocery store run - in order to keep to our timeline, Scott and I rushed about Whole Foods like we were contestants on a food-themed game show - we picked up skis (and witnessed the most inappropriate conversation turned battle between two store employees) and enjoyed a late dinner.  Thanks to an ordering mishap, our evening ended with two decadent desserts.  I had some of the best ice cream and warm chocolate chip cookies I've had in my whole life...this weekend was off to a great start and I hadn't even begun skiing!

The next day, our group of four doubled in size, when friends Shaun and Amanda and their kids joined in the fun -- rather, we joined in their fun as they had beaten everyone except Brian to Colorado and already had a half day in at the Beav.  My days on the mountain were a combination of pretending I knew exactly what I was doing, laughing a lot, listening to all sorts of ski bum chatter, and being brave and venturing off on my own.  I survived it all and loved every minute of it, even that one time, just once, when I took a bit of a digger (turns out rental skis aren't the best for the fresh powder everyone covets).  Our first day was nothing but sunshine; day two got a bit windy and cloudy but just for a moment.  By the afternoon, the mountain was again sunny and warm, so after dropping off skis and shedding a few layers, we headed to the base of the mountain to hang out and have a few drinks.  And as a prize for not breaking myself, Brian took me for a stroll around the village and into a few of my favorite stores.  I came home with a shopping list and a few new Smartwool items - also, I think I might actually have gotten the hang of this skiing thing, sort of!

Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed my time Skiing the Beav.  I doubt it will come anywhere close but maybe, must maybe, I can brave the fear of running into a student and do some local skiing before the season comes to a complete close.

Until next year, Beaver Creek!

first chair lift ride of the weekend 

mid mountain - what an amazing view!

chillin' at Powder 8 after a long day on the slopes - so sunny and warm

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