Sunday, November 15, 2015

Cheers to the Weekend

In light of the tragedy the befell the people of Paris Friday evening, it's impossible not to put everything into perspective.  I am so very luck to live the life I do, to feel safe and secure and loved. That I will never stop appreciating.  And despite the sadness the encompassed the world, it was a wonderful fall weekend in Southeaster Wisconsin, an absolutely perfect one.

After another draining work week (they seem to be the standard these days), it was off to Kenosha. Being that the West football team played at Indian Trail High School, my final teaching home during my Kenosha Unified School District tenure, and being that my bestie lives and still teaches in Kenosha, I thought it would be a fantastic to travel south.  Brian and I joined Katie and her husband, Ryan, for dinner and drinks.  It was so wonderful to see my dear, dear friend, to catch up, to laugh about that absurdity of day-to-day life as teachers, to feel an ache in my side and in my cheeks from laughing so much.

Post-dinner, Brian and I bundled up and met Mom and Dad for the football game; West played Lake Geneva Badger, Dad's high school.  Not to worry, though, Dad wore blue and didn't cheer for his alma mater, not once.  West won the game and are now off to State, which means Mrs. Runnells is donning her 'Official Chaperone' game day pass come next Friday as we travel to Camp Randall.

Despite the late night, I woke up Saturday morning feeling well-rested, which was a very pleasant change. I read a bit and then geared up for my Saturday morning weight lifting class.  I carpooled with my friend, Amanda, which gave us time to chat and gave us an excuse to do a bit of shopping after class.  After picking up a few 'necessities' at Charming Charlie, I headed home, had a relaxed meal with Brian and then sent him to the gym while I did a bit of school work (while watching "Scandal" - it's the weekend, after all).  Later in the day I joined Brian at the gym and he and I climbed together for a while - our schedules as of late have not allowed for this, so it was really nice to climb with my original climbing buddy.

After a double workout day, I was more than ready for dinner, which was perfect since we would be joining Brian and Mom for B's birthday dinner.  I love time with my family, and though we missed Dad, who was on call that night, it was good to be with everyone - well, other than the part where I had to plan for taking them to the airport for their Disney trip, yep, the one I will be missing thanks to that four letter word, work.

Sunday morning was another morning where I woke up feeling like a million bucks.  Maybe it was the flannel sheets, or maybe it was my concerted effort to let go of some of the stress-ball I've been carrying around in my brain, but whatever it was, it worked.  Brian and I headed to Devil's Lake for the day with the intention of hiking around as much of the park as we could fit in.  Of course, we took the ferry, which, Brian says is the only way to validate a day at the Lake; then we were off - we hit the CCC trail, the East Bluff, the West Bluff, and then circled the lake.  Our almost nine mile hike was a sufficient Sunday adventure. I can't think of a time when we visited the lake without climbing gear, but today was wonderful.  Though, surely, the warm weather will not last much longer, we plan to visit the Lake again soon...and eventually with our snowshoes.  I imagine crossing the frozen lake in snowshoes will not only be fun but will also be good training for the spring runs my cousin Jenna and I are already planning.

Hooray weekends!

from atop the bluffs 

my adventure buddy and me 

Devil's Lake - I bet it was chilly 

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