Sunday, November 1, 2015

Badger Game, Halloween, Rain...A Great Weekend in MadTown

Mike and Christina, our wonderful cousins and fellow Badgers, invited us to the Halloween game several weeks ago.  Since we had also hoped to get to a game with our friends Billy and Courtney, we made a plan for all six of us to enjoy one Saturday of Badger fun.  We envisioned a cool but comfortable fall day, sunshine, drinks, lots of cheering, you know, a perfect day at Camp Randall.  The weather had other plans.

Truthfully, though, aside from the mist that persisted all darn day, we had no complaints.  It wasn't cold, the game was an easy one to watch (way to dominate, Bucky!!), and the company was excellent.

We started our day at the Big 10 for a few drinks as we waited for Mike and Christina to arrive.  Then we made our way to the game, where we had plenty of time to catch up on the comings and goings of everyone's lives, share Camp Randall memories, laugh uncontrollably, and sing along to all our favorite game day songs.

at Jordan's Big 10

most of our crew (where's Mike?!) 
my all-time favorite Badger Buddy

After the game, Mike and Christina made their way home for another type of celebration, our cousin Annie's birthday.  Billy, Courtney, Brian and I attempted to visit a Madison pal and then spend some time 'rehydrating', snacking, and attacking zombie chickens at the Great Dane.  Since we figured we wouldn't want to cut our return to Madison too short, Brian and I opted for an overnight trip and got a hotel on the east side of town.  That meant we got to enjoy dinner on the town (well Brian did as I was sidelined thanks to my flower-petal stomach) and stick around for some Sunday fun, too.

the men on the hunt for zombies 

On Sunday, before meeting for brunch, Brian and I made our way around campus, stopping off at many of a nostalgic locations.  We walked up along the Lakeshore Path, checked out his old dorm, and made our way up Bascom - still a leg burner - and talked an awful lot about how big this place was in making us the people we are now.  I think I was more into the 'feel good' chatter than Brian, be he indulged me :)  By the time our campus reunion tour was complete, we were both very hungry.  Thus, it was off to another Madison favorite, Monty's.  Billy and Courtney had never been before, so we were happy to share a great restaurant with friends (and are still really glad our friends Meg and Matt shared it with us).

While a sunny day would have been nice, time in Madison never disappoints, and time with fellow Wisconsin fans and friends made the weekend that much greater.  Ahhh, I don't think I'll ever tire of being a Badger!

southeast side of campus - Lakeshore Path in the distance 
On Wisconsin forever! 

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