Monday, October 26, 2015

Wine Tasting Weekend

On Saturday, while the men in our lives were otherwise engaged, the ladies gathered for some weekend fun, wine tasting! And who knew that we'd only have to drive to my hometown, Mukwonago, to get a full-on winery experience!  

The chilly and somewhat dreary day became bright and happy when our party of six settled in for ten rounds of wine tasting and then a bottle all to ourselves.  Luckily we are a group of planners, so we had plenty of snacks to cleanse our pallets between tastings and to keep our energy levels up.   It's hard work coordinating samples and deciding which wine was the best of the best.  I think we all walked away from Pieper Porch Winery with a few new favorites and with items to fill our wine racks. 

six thirsty ladies 

What a great day with some of the wonderful ladies in my life.  I do believe we'll be making another visit to the local winery before it closes for the season -- at least I sure hope we will! 

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