Sunday, October 18, 2015

Homecoming 2015

For several years, fall weekends meant making time for both climbing trips and visits to Camp Randall.  We absolutely loved having season tickets (well, I certainly did), but it soon came to mean that our time was rather imbalanced; not having them meant lots more time to do lots of other things, but it also meant fewer visits to one of my most favorite places.

This past weekend, on Homecoming Weekend, I got to remedy that.  I joined my mom, Auntie Lynn, cousin Jenna, and our great friends, Deb and Sarah, on an all-ladies pilgrimage to the land of Bucky Badger.  We planned to get to Madison rather early to ensure we found parking and got to our pre-game party spot, Jordan's Big 10, while there was still room for our group of six.  We departed around 6:45 am.  There was more than a little bit of yawning going on, but it was totally worth it!  Despite the chilly start to the day as we were loading up the van, the sun was shining and it was warming up nicely as we pulled into Madison.  We set up our tailgating zone - our version included pudding and jello shots, mimosas, and Dunkin' Donut munchkins - and spent about an hour chatting and laughing excessively.

the crew: Deb, me, Auntie Lynn, Mom, Sarah, and Jenna

Our matching Badgers 
 Then we headed to the Big 10 for drinks and much more laughter before heading to Camp Randall Stadium.  Our seat neighbors weren't pleased by our arrival (apparently they expect everyone to arrive prior to kickoff and have never been to a Badgers game before to know that this isn't how it works...ever!)  Luckily, the other people around us were extremely friendly and enjoyed our cheering and our ingenuity - Jenna was sure to pick up a utensil, a fork, on the way to our seats, which was perfect for drink stirring.


AJ and JL 
me and Mom with my main squeeze, Bucky!

The game was a good one, and this season, good games are not a guarantee for the Badgers, so I was very happy not to have to be anxious all game long.  We stayed for the Fifth Quarter and then did a bit of shopping before leaving Camp Randall and heading back to the van for afternoon snacks.  By the time we made our way back home, we all were ready for a nap and had certainly earned one.  Our day was fantastic - time with friends and family, food, laughter, fun, and Bucky! 

Someone came prepared!
me and Mom

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