Fall is most certainly my favorite time of the year, and this past fall weekend with me even better thanks to time with friends and family!  It was certainly a quick trip to the north woods of Wisconsin but we made the most of that time. Upon arriving in La du Flamebau, we settled in and warned up the house with a toasty fire! 

Saturday morning began with a drive to Minocqua for provisions.  The colors are in full force already, so despite picking up a breakfast that was all too guilt - inducing, the trip into town wasn't an entire waste!  And since we were in the area and, as Brian said, it was the 'northwoods' neighborly thing to do, we swung by for a visit with Uncle Jeff and Auntie Jo. We chatted about our plans for our upcoming trip to Ecuador and discussed the upcoming Runnells family summer outing, we checked out the water temperature, and took in the views of the lake before making our way back to the house.  

Then we were off to Superior for my best pal's wedding. We stopped for a short hike at Copper Falls State Park and then got into wedding mode.  It was absolutely fantastic to see one of my dearest friends so happy. Katie and Mindy complement each other in the most perfect way, and I can only imagine how wonderful their life together is going to be! It was an honor to be with my friend on her special day, and it was wonderful to see her family and catch up with one another; we have so many wonderful memories together, and I love them dearly! 

After a nice walk around the 'neighborhood' Sunday morning, we packed up and headed to Eagle River to spend some time with my family.  My Uncle Tom, my Uncle Terry, my cousins Erik and Aaron, and my parents were all in town spending time with Grandpa. And since my brother now lives so far away, any time in Eagle River is good time to me.   Our first stop in town was my brother's house, which meant I got to enjoy a final Harley ride for the season.  Then we headed to breakfast, where we laughed more than is probably acceptable in public.  My uncles always make me smile, and those cousins of mine sure know how to do the same.  I've always felt very protective of my family, and looking around the table at them smiling and sharing stories of their golf outing the day before made me certain that this family is a special one.  Grandma would have been really happy to see her boys together like that.  After breakfast, we made our way back to Grandpa's to watch the first half of the Packer game. Certainly, that would have made Grandma happy, too - she loved her Packers. And as I was sitting on the porch watching the game, I couldn't help but think of her. It was my first time at the house since losing her this summer, and, to be honest, I was worried about returning.  I know it will never be the same, but it did feel good to feel a little bit closer to her. And it was especially nice to hug my grandpa.  

This weekend was a good reminder of what truly matters in life - family! 

Copper Falls State Park

just playin' around 
McG got married!  

fall colors 
Lac du Flambeau 


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