Monday, May 4, 2015

Camping and Climbing

It has been a while, but this past weekend, Brian and I finally went camping again.  Between trips to Kentucky, where we have wonderful friends who share their cabins with us, and splitting time between Colorado and Wisconsin, we haven't found time (or the need) to set up the ol' tent and rough to speak...but I am glad we finally changed that with our trip to the Lake this weekend.  

When Brian told me about the Wisconsin Climbers' Festival at Devil's Lake State Park, I suggested we see if our friends Billy and Courtney wanted to join in the fun.  I knew Brian would be in heaven with all the climbing, the talk about climbing, the pictures to take, and his climber pals to chat with, but I wanted in on the fun too.  Climbing with Courtney and Billy would fulfill that, for sure. 

We headed to the Lake Friday evening and spent all of Saturday in the sunshine, climbing, hiking, and laughing (a lot).  After our day of climbing, we went to the party hosted by a local climber and enjoyed a grill out and more laughs.  We watched all sorts of climber shenanigans ensue, but before too long,  the thought of s'mores drew us back to our own camp.   

This time of year always gets the best of me - I'm worried about finishing the school year and keeping my kids working hard, but I am also thinking ahead to the next year and the things I want to change; add to that the fact that we are making plans for an adventurous summer, and it's a wonder I don't scream - a lot...or all the time.  The simplicity of being outside, of being with friends, and of sleeping under the stars was wonderfully refreshing.  I'm looking forward to another camping weekend very soon. 

sitting by the campfire 

Climbers' Comp Morning Meeting
(that's me in the purple puffy coat) 

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